The Process


The foundation of any product development is a solid concept. We work with you to clearly define your concept and build a firm understanding of what the product is, how it works and where it fits into the market, ensuring the end result reflects your original vision.


In the design phase we work with you to create a product that is a strategic fit with your core business, and one which has a unique selling point. We apply an integrated approach to our design service to complete your project efficiently and guarantee quality.


Fabtronics offers quality in-house prototyping so that your product can be thoroughly tested before you commit to manufacturing. To meet EMC requirements, we have invested in conducted emission test equipment to verify conformance of a design prior to external testing. This also keeps the final costs to a minimum.


We have a dedicated research and development team with up-to-date knowledge of the latest advancements in the electronics industry, constantly seeking out new information and finding solutions to benefit our partners.


We rigorously design and test every product to ensure they are compliant with current EMC, EMI and safety regulations. We also ensure your products meet the requirements for ISO9001 certification.


We manufacture your products on premises in Australia, so you are able to easily contact us in real time at any point of the process. Manufacturing your products in Australia is both time and cost effective, allowing you to put them on the market sooner and with 100% confidence in their quality.


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