Having recently upgraded a range of equipment, including our surface mount line following the expansion of our factory during 2013, Fabtronics is excited to announce commissioning is now complete on our latest acquisition, a new full tunnel Nitrogen Wave Solder System. Delivered recently from ERSA in Germany and Machinery Forum in Australia, the state of the art ERSA Powerflow e N2 Nitrogen Lead Free Wave Soldering System is already delivering substantial benefits.

With our focus on lead free products this new equipment will enhance our capabilities further. We get better control over the flux deposition, improved and more consistent circuit board preheating and far greater control of the dual waves. This new machine also allows us to further enhance our in house serial number traceability, logging actual machine conditions for each individual board. These benefits will allow us to further improve our product quality.

Finally, operating the wave process in a Nitrogen environment means less residual flux on the Circuit Board and therefore improved product appearance.

All process parameters are more tightly controlled and monitored. This tighter control gives greater flexibility in circuit layout and component selection, helping offer better solutions to our customers.

At Fabtronics this is just one of our latest investments to assist our customers to become number one in their market through our experience, technical knowledge, innovation and insight.